Classic Rock Returns!!

The best classic rock station is back

Once upon a time, oh Hell no! Ok, look, we’re just a couple of bikers with a love of Classic Rock. So, we figured why not put the two together and see how that works out (we’ll let you know in a while). So now you have two bikers, classic rock and add the final part, Biker Classic Rock Radio was born.

What fuels you when you ride? The driving beat of Led Zeppelin? The grinding metal of Metallica? Or do you enjoy the haunting voice of Amy Lee from Evanessance? See, we feel the same. Music, rock music, has played a large part in our lives, from the time when reel to reel recorders were a thing, to eight tracks, cassettes and CD’s. Now you can have a day of classic rock via the airwaves of the internet. Music does more than fill the day, it paints a soundtrack for our lives.

When a song comes on you can immediately transport yourself back to a life event. Whether good or bad. My own memory of how rock influenced me was when a family member was leaving this earthly realm and as if on cue, Nazareth “Love Hurts” came on. I captured that song in my mind and its forever entrenched there as a memory of that day.

So it kinda made sense that we just go with it and start up a station. Don’t forget, this wasn’t a first time. From the greatness of a former radio station, we moved onto the next step, but why the name change? Well, reflecting back, the name was fantastic for us but was entrenched in the Regulators spotlight. So rather than ward off emails and scrutiny, Option B came up. Rebrand the original radio station using the experience gained from running it and create a new look, Welcome Biker Classic Rock Radio Station. And this classic rock station is legal with licenses in different countries.

So we arrive at passion #2, Motorcycles. The owners of the station are bikers who enjoy the open road. I’d consider us “Old Skool” due partly to our age but more so the embracing of the values of being a biker.

Classic rock ride

So here we go! On another virtual bike trip. Pile on the music, Get Your Motor Runnin, crank Biker Classic Rock Radio up and let’s go! White knuckles not included on this journey.
From both of us here at Biker Classic Rock Radio, thank you for waiting, thank you for your loyalty and thank you for coming back for our “Restart” .



The Owners of Biker Classic Rock Radio

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